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antichrist_book's Journal

8 July 1978
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Imagine God is a vegetable in a wheelchair, Jesus is the fascist CEO of a corporate Church, and a Cold War is ongoing between Heaven and Hell while America is led by a complete and utter moron whose every decision takes the world closer and closer to the brink of World War III. In the vein of Monty Python and South Park comes a farce of metaphysical proportions.

For the past two millennia, there has been a Cold War between Heaven and Hell. In that time, Earth has served as the neutral zone between the two powers with humanity the pawns in a conflict whose origins remain shrouded in legend. Tonight, that all changes, as one mortal disturbs that fragile balance.

Matthew Ford is a common man, struggling through college while attempting to discover his destiny. Antisocial, passive aggressive, and immature beyond belief, this flawed person sets into motion that final prophecy that leads to the End of Days.

He travels to Heaven, is tempted by Hell, gets into a feud with Jesus, meets the moronic leader of the free world, creates a self-help movement that tears the world apart, and leads the final zombie charge on Mount Megiddo in that last conflict of all time, Armageddon.

Written by Matthew Moses, Anti-Christ: A Satirical End of Days takes a new look at religion and Man's place in it. Gone are the old archetypes of biblical lore, replaced by a cast of irreverent, flawed characters. Controversial doesn't even begin to describe the subjects this novel tackles. Self-help movements, world affairs, politics, ethnic rivalries, war, religion, and even obesity are all fair game in this epic tale of comedic world annihilation. It's not a question of whether the world is coming to an end but how!